The Three-Month Mark.

Language.   Language is without doubt one of the most important things for a singer to get their head around.   I’m sure that with a great ear you can learn pieces by rote and sound authentic, but there is something to be said for a true understanding of a language.   I have sought, at […]

Doing the funding fandango

Last year I embarked on a series of my own creative projects, most of which have emerged from my friendship with composer Stephen McNeff and his writings for me over the past few years. He has composed enough music for me to fill a CD and we were delighted when a small recording company agreed […]

Am I Ready?

I’ve been grappling with this question for some time now.  Every time I think I am ready – it seems I am not.  By ‘ready’, I mean prepared enough to then have the confidence to excel in an audition (or performance – but for the sake of this blogpost I’m discussing auditions).   Perhaps I […]

Greetings from Japan

Those who read my previous post will be amused to learn that within hours of mentioning my new fan in print, I was rewarded with an email from Japan, where he and his family have been making the traditional spring visit to Edo Castle to see the cherry blossom. I don’t think he even reads […]