A little ho(a)rse?

In this season of coughs and colds I’m not always very chatty in the taxi to a gig where I will be singing plenty of arias later on, but I had lots of time before my Messiah rehearsal yesterday and was feeling talkative driving from York to Ampleforth. After covering a few standard topics we strayed […]

Vecchia zimarra senti…

John Copley’s production of La Bohème for the Royal Opera is now thirty-eight years old and being dusted off again for performances at Christmas and beyond. Rolando Villazón is Rodolfo, alongside a range of less famous singers, in a show that was made before many of them were even born. It’s an attractive and effective […]

Baby, it’s cold inside

This week I have been experimenting in cold-weather wear for use during concerts in cathedrals and other arctic venues. I do feel it worse than many colleagues, and get grumpy very quickly when cold, so it has become something of a special study for me. But there is also an anoraky game to be played […]

My big-time Proms debut

I made my debut as a soloist at the Proms on Saturday. It was a pretty gentle experience, all things considered. A beautiful and relatively short a capella duet at the beginning of Debussy’s Martyrdom of St Sebastien, with the comfort of a reliable and calm co-star (Polly May), followed by a long wait for […]

Lady! Step away from the list

For the past couple of months I’ve been working with a director to construct a show which gets its first performances later this week. Despite the “everyone’s a creative person” school of thought, I know that I am primarily an interpreter not a maker and I needed a director who can, in this case, also […]