What if…?

Here at the Singing Entrepreneur we are always on the lookout for anyone who can teach us new and interesting things. Assuming we already have singing itself under control, we enjoy hearing expert advice on how to market ourselves better, to manage our own online content and publicity or just to increase our productivity and motivation. The business community has lots of great tools to share with us and I spent today in the company of Shaa Wasmund and her A-team from Smarta Business School, exploring some of these.

It was really stimulating to be in a room full of entrepreneurs of all ages, working across a huge range of subject areas. Even better was the spirit of collaboration that was alive in the room – everyone wanted to meet other people working in a similar or related area and to talk about ways that we could help each other, with contacts, with suggestions, with critical thinking. This is actively encouraged by the Smarta team and it was very noticeable that people were looking first to support the work of others and only after that to ask for help for themselves. It’s a very productive way to build strong collaborative relationships as well as revealing genuinely new perspectives about how to approach blocks and challenges.

As singers we get the chance to offer constructive feedback occasionally in a workshop or masterclass situation but rarely elsewhere. I wonder, how would it be to get a group of singers together to brainstorm ideas about the different career areas in which we all wanted to make greater progress? Just asking the question…